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SMARTY is Smart Attendance using RFID Technology. It’s a walk through attendance tracking solution using Smart long range RFID cards with real-time intimation to parents. It’s a gate where students are instructed to pass through it.
Preferably suited for Educational Institutions but can be experimented with other industries as well.
No. We will provide an API to integrate along with instruction manual.
Yes, SMARTY solution has the flexibility to integrate with other ERP solutions via API.
No. Not with promotional/bulk SMS providers but will consider SMSes integrated with an ERP platform.
Yes. But clear instructions should be given to students to walk through this device and initial few days monitoring might be required.
We have storage option within the device which can store 100000 records, once the network is back it will be pushed to the server immediately.
SMARTY takes approximately 11 mins to read 500 students when they walk through one by one. In order to avoid long queue we have restricted to 500 students.
No. SMARTY solution comes with a bundled package which consists of Hardware, Smart RFID cards and SMS. Its mandatory to buy device and ID cards from us.
INZ Axis doesn’t sell SMARTY directly to customers and its restricted via dealer network only. INZ Axis considers the dealer whom the institution suggests or will choose the dealer nearest to that location.
Exclusive dealership isn’t a company policy for the first year. Successive year we can think based on the sheer performance of the dealer.
AMC, SMS & ID cards(if opted) would be charged from 2nd year.
Dealers would enjoy the recurring margins year on year and multiple offers provided by INZ Axis.
Call (dedicated helpline number), Mail and Site visit are part of the support system. First line of support will be handled by INZ Axis and try to resolve it over the call or email, if its not resolved then the respective dealer will be sent to the site visit.
SMARTY is tried and tested solution with restricted height and width. It has 2 readers between the 3ft width so that no card is passed unread.
14kgs and can be dismantled into 3 pieces.
Spare cards will be issued to institutions to address such scenarios and institution has to feed the card details and the time span before issuing the card.
Additional card would be provided on request within 10days. Meanwhile can issue the spare cards provided.
We provide tag along Smart RFID card which can be inserted in the holder.
No. Our Smart RFIC cards have specific range and frequency and we would not prefer any other cards.
SMARTY is “Make in India” product.
No. Sales kit provided during the agreement stage has brochures. Will mail the printable version and dealers can get it printed.
57000 plus service tax along with shipping cost. 10 Smart RFID cards will be provided at No Cost.
No mandatory. You can take appointments with the prospects and can handle demo at INZ Axis via a video call.
100% payment against the device and 30days time to clear the ID card and SMS charges.
We don’t entertain credits.
Yes. We can provide access to our Android App which can be used to manually mark the attendance.
Not at all. SMARTY is sold only through dealer network.
No. It’s a tried and tested measurement and can’t be altered.
Clear instructions to the students to wear the ID cards on the neck.
If multiple cards are read at the same time it would be indicated and marked in red and suitable action can be taken against that particular student.
No. It should not be exposed.
2 years. Cant be reused as the software won’t recognize the card.
Industrial warranty is 1year but its life is upto 5 years and depends based on the usage.
Yes. White labeled solution is provided when integrated with external ERP vendor.
Yes. Smart RFID cards to be procured for the same.
It solely depends on the institution on when to publish SMS. It can be realtime or after the entry/exit time.
INZ Axis doesn’t want exorbitant and different prices for the customers and don’t want to put them in confused state.
Yes. Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly offers will be rolled out along with offers during festive, peak seasons.
Dealers can invest to buy a demo kit but its not mandatory.
No. We won’t accept any device customizations.
No. We have a separate solution for school buses and this doesn’t suit.
First line support will be from INZ Axis. Later if need be will be moved to the dealer.
Studentwise, classwise, Attendance logs, Daily, weekly and Monthly etc
Purchase order, NCPR letter, A copy of a filled application form, Affiliation copy, 100% payment, SMS Mask, Students and staff data etc
Yes. Can download template, fill the details and upload directly.
Based on Institution suggestion the SIM with best network will be provided.
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